Welcome to my blog for my Web Design and Development class at MCC.

I am very interested in learning  how to build websites because I work for a technology/web company. Most of my responsibilities here currently are related to marketing and dealing with data, but the more I know about websites and how they work, the better off I will be here.

There are many websites that I visit often including Mets.com, Google.com (and all Google’s other web properties like GMail, Google Docs, Google Calendar), Facebook.com. I visit Mets.com¬†daily to keep up with the latest news (or this season, the latest injuries) of my favorite team, The New York Mets. I use all the Google services to keep organized and communicate; because they are all interconnected, it is easy for me to stay on top of things.

There are also some websites that are so poorly designed or difficult to navigate that I would never visit them again. A prime example of this is EventCheckout.com, which has no navigation or search capability.